Lucky Man

A                                 D

There’s summer in the air

            Bm                     E

And the sea is calm and fair

A                                    D                       E

As the ferry winds her way across the sound

F#m                                      D

Through the islands in the bay

               A                         E

On this warm and perfect day

            D                                 E                           A

A more serene and peaceful place could not be found

My heart is full of fears

First trip in forty years

To the village that I left long years ago

They say you can’t return

A lesson I may learn

Cause this town and I have changed more than I know   (D chord before each CHORUS)


F#m                      A

As I near old Fogo Isle

   D                             A

I suppress an inward smile

D                  A                             E

Anticipating joy as best I can

Bm                       D

I’m coming home today

A                                      F#m

And I’m coming home to stay

            D                E                 A

Don’t you consider me a lucky man

And are my friends still there

Childhood chums of yesteryear

Together we all played on bawn and cove

Have some gotten old and grey

Are some buried in the clay

And who have chosen other lands to rove

Well the hills of home are there

And I say a little prayer

My dreams of going back I will fulfill

Once again to see the cove

And the paths I used to rove

And full moon rise behind the Woody Hill (D chord before CHORUS)

CHORUS + solo (next verse)

All things come to him who waits

I’m going down through Tate’s

Across the brook along the beach of sand

To hill and then beyond

To the harbour and the pond

Don’t you consider me a lucky man


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